These days, I often hear that people want to go back to the life they had before Corona as soon as possible, when people could move freely anywhere in the world. However in a short period of time, people and things moved at once in human history. The notion of seasonal cycles had been lost, and the human timeline had collapsed. Processed foods and various things ran around the world in an instant, and you could eat food and ingredients from all over the world regardless of the climate. Our gut flora has been forced into a considerable struggle to adapt.

Meanwhile, the virus has dominated the world in a blink of an eye. I think we don’t want to go back, we want to start over, we have to reassess our consumer lifestyle. Until now, because we didn’t want to face the environmental problems, food problems, etc., we have kept them away, left these issues to capital and medias, in order to appease our anxiety.

By cutting down forests to turn them into farmlands, sprinkling a large amount of fertilizer on it, filling the surface of the earth with concrete and urbanizing, civilizing it, we prioritize the economic profitability, and global environmental problems are always postponed. Similarly, in the intestinal environment, a large amount of antibiotics, pesticides, additives, preservatives, have been used to prioritize convenience and postpone health and food safety issues. The city is flooded with non-perishable food, and the environment and physical health have become serious issues that have grown simultaneously.

The reason of being of the virus is to advise us. Was the world prior to the virus outbreak such a wonderful world? The epidemic and the violence of nature are the direct consequences of human beings altering their ecological environment, and we are destroying our bodies with our own food.

Humans are made by what they eat. The mind as the body and  the soul. And once the microbial environment in the body is broken, it is not so easy to fix it. We eat in order to feed the gut flora and we have to understand that it is what keeps us alive. If we want to change the status quo, trust that changing our consciousness can make a difference, free yourself from convenience and consumerism. It is the intestinal bacteria that create that consciousness. You have to understand that the intestines are the first brain, not the second. As shown, the test version of mother bio was achieved in December 2019, the first version was completed in April this year, and the improved version in December.

Mother bio was not created by me, the fungi are the one that chose me. I and you are alive by their will. This Eco-bottle contains 200 billion of living bacteria and their intention.

In Japanese, the words “stools” and “message” have the same etymology. The stools are a message that comes from the body. Most of them are dead intestinal bacteria, not food residues, and when you start taking Mother Bio, the stool smell is reduced and your personality starts transforming. By observing the work of the different types of probiotics, we should be able to recognize how important they are to our existence, and I do not know any other products composed of so many living cells.

When we meet, we shake hands with others, hug them, and exchange bacteria with each other. When we choose an important partner, the bacteria are exchanged from saliva through a kiss, and they are the ones who decide the compatibility between partners.

Whatever we want to eat now, it is also the will of the bacteria. Since the Antiquity, several idioms based upon the intestines designate the act of guessing other people’s thoughts, being angry, cynical or sad. The word even describes personality. Even in nature, we can find animals without brains, but no animals without intestines. If we make the right choice, the gut flora will produce the effects of the food and herbs that we eat.

The resilience of nature is the power of Mother Earth to keep the environment of the ecosystem and nature as a constant (homeostasis) and to return to its original state (resilience), which science is not able to reproduce. We have ignored all warnings when exposed to threats such as disasters and viruses, but we can no longer allow it.

Mother bio was born to bring back autoimmunity and to try to change the collective consciousness.