MotherBio Silver


To you in pursuit of true beauty and genuine health

効率よく、あなたに合った腸多様種微生物を摂取していただくために、Mother Bioには多様な生菌群を一粒20億cfu配合しています。

Mother Bioの基本はバランスです。生菌だけでなく、生菌が創り出す生産物質が配合されているので、高齢、病弱な方にも安心してお使い頂けます。

Mother Bio contains 2 billion cfu per grain of various living bacterial groups thanks to which you can efficiently ingest the intestinal multivarious microorganisms that suit you.

The basis of Mother Bio®️’s concept is balance. The living bacteria it contains also produce substances by themselves, that is why it can be used safely by elderly and sick people.


We want to give you the key to immunity


Mother Bioは、悪玉菌を排除し、善玉菌を取り入れるという発想ではなく、最も多く存在する日和見菌を味方につける新しいコンセプトを持つ腸内細菌サプリメントです。

We all know that there are good and bad intestinal bacteria,
but only a few of us may know that the opportunistic bacteria
are the most powerful.
Mother Bio®️ is an intestinal bacterial supplement with a new concept that puts the most abundant opportunistic bacteria on your side, instead of ​​eliminating bad bacteria and incorporating the good ones.


In modern times, it is hard to keep the intestinal bacteria healthy because they are undergoing major changes due to the dietary environment and stress.
Nowdays it is difficult to get an healthy and well-balanced food,
so you need easy-to-use supplements every day to
improve your gut environment.


3 powers to build up your gut !

  1. 多様種生菌(probiotics)
  2. 乳酸菌生産物(biogenic)
  3. 天然イヌリン(prebiotics)

Mother Bioには、上記の菌が含まれています。